For you, with passion, humility, respect for its Earth, Drouet's Domaine produces

Cognacs & des Pineaux des Charentes

DROUET since 1848

A must to be exceptional

Tradition, a love for the land and our deep roots are notions close to the heart of the Drouet family. For four generations the Drouets have worked hard to nurture and transmit these values with as much passion as they devote to producing spirits.

There are no great quality Cognacs without great quality grapes. Mother Nature has endowed us with the incomparable terroir of Grande Champagne, contributing so much to the stunning flavours of our eaux-de-vie that we strive to be exceptional.

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Cognacs & Pineaux

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VISIT US Visiting our estate is intimate and personal, as you can discover our vineyards, how we work and get to know us. Before we actually welcome you, here is a teaser in pictures.

DROUET's Domaine, a family story

"The grandfather plants the vine, his son makes the wine. His grandson will know why."

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Christmas time 2017

Our Réserve de Jean is under the spotlight in the spirits selection of M, the magazine of Le Monde newspaper.

logo magazine M du journal Le Monde We are very grateful for the positive comments of our estate and cognac quality. The Réserve de Jean is a tribute to the founder of the estate in the middle of the 19th century and as such a cognac of character expressing utterly its terroir of Grande Champagne, 1st Cru.

 cognac Réserve de Jean

November 2017 | the 10th medal for our white Pineau.

The white Pineau Drouet has just won its 10th medal. He was also selected in numerous wine guides in recent years. We are proud of this large number of distinctions which also prove Patrick Drouet's commitment to consistently produce high quality Cognacs and Pineaux.

November 2017 | the 10th medal for our white Pineau

Harvest 2017

The grape harvest began on September 14 at Domaine Drouet
for about 2 weeks.

This is the culmination of a year of work, a year in which, unfortunately, the weather has mishandled the harvests, which does not detract from the concentration and pleasure that the whole team takes to collect and vinify the grapes of ugni white, colombard, merlot.

photo des vendange sur le domaine Drouet

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