For you, with passion, humility, respect for its Earth, Drouet's Domaine produces

Cognacs & Pineaux des Charentes

A special terroir...

... a unique eau-de-vie

In our region of Charente, vines grow in clay-limestone soils favouring the production of grapes that are well suited to ageing. This led to the creation of geographical boundaries of six "crus", or production districts, within the controlled appellation area of Cognac, which was established in 1909.

Carte des Crus de Cognac

Respect for the Earth

Sustainable agriculture & agrobiology

At our estate, we have always worked with complete respect for the soil and our planet, which we have demonstrated by moving over to sustainable agriculture.

This has only enriched our remarkable ecosystem and created a virtuous interaction with the vineyard soil itself, thereby favouring the production of very fine eaux-de-vieand pineau wines bursting with personality.

Cognacs & Pineaux

Grande & Petite Champagne

Our vine yards are located a few kilometers outside the town of Cognac, close to the Atlantic and bathed in sunshine. Our estate is spread over 74 acres over lapping the top two appellations, 70% in Grande Champagne, the most prestigious, and 30% in Petite Champagne.

We bottle only the Grande Champagne Cognacs in order to blend spirits with the best expression and character that fully represent this unique terroir

DROUET's Domaine, a family story

"The grandfather plants the vine, his son makes the wine. His grandson will know why."