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Cognacs & Pineaux des Charentes
1st Cru

bouteille cognac hors d'age drouet

Paradis de Famille | Cognac XO Hors d’Âge

Excellence as a family legacy

  • Color : dark, copper-like color, tinged with mahogany.
  • Aroma : exceptional bouquet dominated by "rancio", fruity notes: citrus, very ripe plums, with a spicy base: cinnamon, precious wood, tobacco.
  • Taste : delicacy, power and fine length marked by an extraordinary mellowness.

Strong character

Blend of eaux-de-vie distilled in 1969 by Gérard Drouet in his 4-hl still heated by wood and coal. To be savoured slowly in the company of experienced connoisseurs.

    Please note :
  • • 97/100 “Superlative” International Review of Spirits by - USA 2017
  • • Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition - USA 2016
  • • Gold Medal-French Independent Winegrowers Contest- 2016
  • • «A deep and rich blend of spices, ripe plums mixed with citrus fruits […] Incredibly intense on the palate, a strong personality... » L’Epicurien Magazine - Summer 2016
bouteille cognac xo drouet

XO Ulysse | Cognac XO

An elegant carafe for a rare Cognac

  • Color : amber gold.
  • Aroma : a complexity of fragrances: hazelnut, vanilla and "rancio" (typical aroma of old Cognacs which develops after 20 years' ageing).
  • Taste : rounded, full-bodied and very smooth. A blend of very old Cognacs, the work of several generations of winegrowers.

Several generations of winegrowers

The Ulysse cuvée pays tribute to Patrick Drouet's great grandfather.

    Please note :
  • • 93/100, Silver Medal - IWSC London - UK 2020
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Agricole de Paris - 2018
  • • Gold Medal - Concours des Vignerons Indépendants de France - 2018
  • • 94/100 “Exceptional” - International Review of Spirits by - USA 2017
  • • 96/100 “Extraordinary”, Finalist - Ultimate Spirits Challenge - USA 2015
bouteille cognac réserve de jean

Réserve de Jean | Cognac

A Cognac with character, in tribute to the estate's founder

  • Color : well developed mahogany.
  • Aroma : delicate, woody and spicy notes: oak, pepper, nutmeg.
  • Taste : full-bodied, long on the palate, unforgettable flavour of gingerbread.

For thoses who know

A cuvée really appreciated by the purists, very representative of the Grande Champagne Cru, to enjoy at the end of the evening.

    Please note :
  • • 4.5/5 stars “Excellent” - Difford’s Guide - UK
  • • « Bright color […] very pleasant nose with floral notes, pot-pourri,… coconut, roasted aromas. It tastes at the same time fresh and spicy on the palate. » Christophe Menozzi, Master Sommelier of France UDSF
  • • « The nose is subtle with aromas of violet, dried fruits,spices. The palate combines intensity and silkiness. Vivid attack followed by a spicy fragrance and a long finish. » Guide Gilbert & Gaillard - 2010
bouteille cognac vsop

Cognac VSOP

Nobility and Harmony acquired over the years

  • Color : mahogany, bronze tints.
  • Aroma : expressive and spicy, with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and mild spices.
  • Taste : harmonious balance between fruitiness and a subtle touch of oak.

Full-bodied and velvety

This Cognac has been aged longer than what is required by law. Drink it on the rocks as an aperitif, or as a digestif.

    Please note :
  • • Silver Medal - IWSC London - UK 2020
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris- 2020
  • • 92/100 “Exceptional” - International Review of Spirits by - USA 2017
  • • «…floral character and spicy notes. A real work of precision for a very fine cognac. » Magazine Terre de Vins - dec 2016
  • • 94/100“Excellent” - Ultimate Spirits Challenge - USA 2015
bouteille cognac vs domaine Drouet

Cognac VS

A smooth and easy-drinking Cognac

  • Color : straw yellow
  • Aroma : « fruity and floral fragrances, reminiscent of the vine flower.
  • Taste : lively, well-balanced.

In local Charente style

In cocktails, or with tonic water and ice in local Charente style.

    Please note :
  • • Silver Medal – French Independent Winegrowers Contest - 2015
  • • 5/5 stars “Exceptional“ - Difford's Guide - GB 2014

High Environmental Value & Agrobiological Approach

Our Pineaux des Charentes
born from our land

Patrick Drouet Collection & Pineaux

Patrick wanted to upgrade his range of exceptional bottlings by creating the “Patrick Drouet Collection.”

These bottlings are between 25 and 30 years old, as Patrick had developed them starting in 1987, hence they have received a vinification approach that has evolved over the years.

These pineaux are so original that they often fail in receiving consent from official tasting panels, « they don’t fit into the mold ». It’s fine with us, we are proud about it !

Patrick Drouet Collection | Mathilde

Vintage Red Mathilde 2018

  • Vintage bottlings are only produced in the best years. the winemaker, striving for a Mathilde at the same time fruit-forward, crisp and attractive, selected the 2018 cuvee, year in which maceration and cold extraction provided the best results.
  • Color : sumptuous cherry red color with copper hues.
  • Aromas : fruity and intense with aromas of blackcurrant, morello cherries and blackberries.
  • Taste : simultaneously full-bodied and velvety, impressive fruity length with chocolate notes on the finish.
  • How to: this nectar is to be enjoyed either as an aperitif or paired with a black chocolate fondant.

"Happiness beyond words "

A voyage into the world of red fruits

    Please note :
  • Mathilde ? Patrick Drouet's eldest daughter.
bouteille vntage rouge mathilde

Patrick Drouet Collection | Maxence

The rare vintage white Maxence 1989

  • The 1989 vintage, a very rare bottling with a extensive ageing that is limited to only a few barrels, and will be bottled upon request.
  • Color : copper orange, clear and shiny.
  • Aromas : apricots, dried fruits, caramel, pear.
  • Taste : wonderful balance that brings together power, richness and fruitiness.
  • How to enjoy : neither fined nor filtered, this exceptional nectar should be served either as an aperitif or can be paired beautifully with an apricot tart, poached pears with cinnamon, a rich Breton cake, or assorted types of blue cheeses.

“The Virtuoso Accent”

Grapes harvested at an extended ripeness level make this Pineau truly exceptional.

    Please note :
  • Maxence ? The son of Corinne & Patrick Drouet. The younger brother of Melina, who already has a Cognac named after her.
bouteille vintage maxence

Patrick Drouet Collection | Gabriel

Vintage white Gabriel

  • Older white for which the ageing was pushed as far as possible, while avoiding topping up the barrels for fuller oxidation, which imparts its roundness, and notes of walnut, honey and rancio.
  • Color : warm amber, highlighting its long ageing in oak casks.
  • Aroma : fragrance of walnuts, honey and plum.
  • Taste : fleshy on the palate with oaky notes and a rich body.
  • How to enjoy : pairs really well with foie gras on walnut bread or butter biscuit.

“Without whom, nothing would have happened”

A long ageing in cask gives it its noble character.

    Please note :
  • Gabriel ? Patrick Drouet’s grandfather.
bouteille vintage gabriel

AOC Pineau des Charentes | Rouge

The charm of fruit

  • Color : lovely vermilion color.
  • Aroma : fragrance of preserved fruit jellies and plums.
  • Taste : sweet, soft on the palate, slightly maderised.
  • Tasting : Serve cold as an aperitif or use it in gourmet Charente recipes : the famous melon with pineau, pineau tart, etc.

Serve cold as an aperitif

    Please note :
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris - 2020
  • • Silver Medal - Concours des Vignerons Indépendants de France - 2020
  • • Gold Medal - Concours des Vignerons Indépendants de France - 2019
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris -2018
bouteille pineaux des charentes rouge

AOC Pineau des Charentes | Blanc

A gilt edged bottle, representative of its terroir

  • Color : golden yellow, brilliant.
  • Aroma : very fragrant, touches of camomile.
  • Taste : soft and sweet attack.
  • Tasting : Serve cold as an aperitif or use it in gourmet Charente recipes : mussels in pineau, pear gratin with pineau.

Serve cold as an aperitif

    Please note :
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris - 2020
  • • Gold Medal - Concours International de Lyon - 2020
  • • 3/3 stars - Guide Hachette Selection - 2019
  • • Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris - 2018
  • • Gold Medal - Concours des Saveurs Régionales Poitou-Charentes - 2017
bouteille pineau Blanc des charentes

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